DIY: Plaster Flower Votives

For something so stunning and delicate, the work that actually goes into making these dainty votives is surprisingly simple.

What You’ll Need

Faux flowers
Wax paper
Small rubber bands
Metal clippers
Hot glue gun
Tint (optional, for if you want to tint your plaster)


Pull the leaves off the stem and pluck out the center of the flower. Use your votive as a gauge on how much you should remove from the center.

Prep the flowers and make sure everything is ready to go before mixing the plaster.

For this tutorial, feel free to be a couple splashes more liberal with the water when mixing. A more watery mixture will coat the flowers better.

Try to do this step quickly, as plaster tends to dry out fast.

Clip the stems from the flowers until they can sit flat on the wax paper, place the votive instead to make sure there’s enough space.

Glue the votive to the center.

Gently mold the petals so they spread out from the votive, then pull up some of the petals in the center and hold it in place against the votive with a rubber band like so.

Let dry, remove the rubber bands and Voila!

(Tutorial and images: Design Mom)

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